Do Lease-Options Allow Fourth of July Fireworks?

June 30, 2019 by Marty Orefice |

Can you set off fireworks in the home you're renting to own?
As long as your following the law, whether you set off fireworks in a home you own is up to you. However, when you’re renting a place, it is much less your decision and much more your landlord’s decision.

Can A Lease-Option Tenant Release Fourth of July Fireworks?

When you’re renting to own a home, whose choice is it? While the line between renting and owning in rent to own is very blurred, in this scenario, you fall further on the tenant side than the owner side.

A lease-option buyer can walk away from a rent-to-own deal at any point in time losing only their option fee and security deposit. That means if a firework destroys the home you’re lease-optioning, you can leave it. The lease-option seller, however, continues to own the damaged property.

Many landlords put provisions within their contracts that forbid tenant’s from releasing fireworks and other explosives on their property.

Nonetheless, even if the seller has not put this provision in your lease-option contract, be wary of releasing fireworks. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, fireworks start 1,300 structural fires per year (i.e. causing damage to property). Should your fireworks contribute to that statistic, the owner of the home can file claim against you in civil court.

What Should You Do?

If you absolutely want to set off fireworks for Independence Day, talk to the seller about your plans, first. If your landlord is uncomfortable with it, consider setting them off in a different approved location. You can technically still set off residential fireworks if they are legal in your location and nothing in your contract prevents it, but it’s not the ethical choice.

More fires are reported on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. And more than half of those fires are started by fireworks.

Fireworks are beautiful and a lot of fun to enjoy, but consider waiting until you own the property to set them off. After all, when you rent to own, homeownership is only a lease term away. You may enjoy visiting a friend who is setting them off. Or you might watch them at a local community spot where they will go off at a much grander scale.

Obviously, it’s important to follow your state’s and municipalities local laws regarding fireworks, and that should take priority over all else mentioned in this article.

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