Should A Buyer Get A Realtor to Rent to Own?

April 16, 2017 by Marty Orefice | Real Estate, Realtors, Rent to Own

Real estate agent hands clients the keys to a home.
Getting a realtor is a logical step to buying a home but is it a logical step to renting to own a home? A buyer who knows what he or she is doing does not need to use a realtor for a rent to own agreement. You can do title searches and consult with lawyers on your own.

However, as a buyer, there’s really no downside to having a realtor represent you. That is, if you can find a realtor to represent you. It might be difficult to find a realtor who will help because there is very little money for a realtor in a rent to own deal.

For the buyer, it’s absolutely free to use a realtor to rent to own, because the seller pays the commission. Plus, using a realtor offers protection, experience and less stress.

Do realtors help find rent to own homes?

Yes, a realtor can help you find a rent to own home; however, it is unlikely you will find one who will want to. Realtors make a very little commission from rent to own homes. They basically have to make a commission from your option fee because the sale of the home isn’t for a long time. Additionally, many buyers decide not to buy rent to own homes, leaving the realtor without commission at the end.


Realtors answer to brokers who do not want to be sued for mistakes. For that reason, realtors play by the books in their business dealing, which is not a bad thing. A realtor will likely have contracts reviewed by lawyers and check the title history for a property to be sure that what you’re signing on for is really in your best interest.


Realtors deal with sellers on a day-to-day basis. They know all of the tricks that the seller may try, and they know some tricks to try of their own. Realtors can negotiate a deal, and they know how to spot a scam. They will know the worth of the property you are looking at and be able to advise you if it’s overpriced.

Additionally, your realtor can help you figure out which properties are in your budget. They can make sure that you will be qualified to purchase the property at the end of the lease. One of the easiest ways to fail in a rent to own agreement is to lease a property that you won’t qualify for at the end of the lease. You would instantly lose the money you’ve saved up for your down payment. Rent to own is a great opportunity for buyers if they can purchase the home at the end of the lease. Otherwise, rent to own loses its purpose.

Your realtor also has experience pairing clients with properties that they’ll like. Your realtor doesn’t want to waste time driving to dozens of properties. It is in your realtor’s best interest to determine what kind of home you are interested in and take you to visit homes that meet your needs.

Less Stress

While you can easily do everything that a realtor can do, you may end up frustrated while doing it. Realtors already have relationships with title companies and real estate lawyers. Getting an appointment with them will be more difficult for someone walking in the door fresh.

Additionally, your realtor knows the right questions to ask, which saves you from following up with questions. You pay your own legal fees, and lawyers charge by the hour. Therefore, it’s much more efficient for a realtor who handles these situations daily to ask questions. If the buyer goes directly, the lawyer must take time to explain context that a realtor would already know.


Rent to own is a subject that isn’t heavily discussed in realtor education. Therefore, unless you get a realtor in an investment background, it will be difficult to find a realtor that knows a lot about it. The reason is that realtors do their job to get paid. Commission from a rent to own deal is extremely small. Up front, the realtor gets a commission from your option payment to the seller. Which is a relatively low amount. It will be difficult to find a realtor who is willing to help you look for a rent to own property.

What Should You Do?

It is a good idea to find a realtor to help you. Investment realtors are more likely to be able to help. Much of what the realtor does, you can do too. However, doing it on your own will take up more of your time.
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