Leaving the Big Apple Behind

September 8, 2019 by Marty Orefice | News, Real Estate

So many people dream of moving to big cities after college, like New York or Chicago. Places where they can find work at a major … Read More


What’s Your Area’s Stance on 5G?

September 1, 2019 by Marty Orefice | News, Real Estate

The communities we choose to live in have large-scale impacts on our quality of life – even inside of our homes when we’re not interacting … Read More


Seattle’s Rising Rent Costs: How to Make it Work

August 25, 2019 by Marty Orefice | Rent to Own

According to the Seattle Times, rent costs in Seattle are rising yet again. While there was a brief break in the increasing prices caused by … Read More


Big City Shine or Small Town Charm?

August 19, 2019 by Marty Orefice | News, Real Estate

College students dream of moving to big cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco where jobs are bountiful and entertainment is abundant. All of … Read More


Can a Lawn Help Move Your Rent to Own Listing?

August 11, 2019 by Marty Orefice | Rent to Own, Selling

One of the most beautiful aspects of living in the suburbs is the greenery. Beautiful grassy lawns to play on, shady overarching trees to read … Read More


Is Suburbia Dying Out?

August 4, 2019 by Marty Orefice | Real Estate, Rent to Own

There was a time when living in suburbia was the American dream. White picket fences, wide-open backyards for the kids and pets to play and … Read More


Recycling in Your New Area

July 28, 2019 by Marty Orefice | Rent to Own

alt=”Recycling rules vary by community. If you’re renting to own in a new community, consider looking into what recycling policies are in place within your … Read More


Flexibility is Trending

July 21, 2019 by Marty Orefice |

Renting to own is a trial commitment with a long-term goal of purchasing a home. It’s a trial because, after the lease term, you can … Read More


Renting to Own When You Retire

July 14, 2019 by Marty Orefice |

One of the joys of homeownership is that once you’re old enough to retire, you don’t have to pay for a mortgage anymore. Seventy-six percent … Read More


Do Lease-Options Allow Fourth of July Fireworks?

June 30, 2019 by Marty Orefice |

As long as your following the law, whether you set off fireworks in a home you own is up to you. However, when you’re renting … Read More

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